Natural facelift Massage: erase years from your face

by Paola Bassanese

Don’t you wish you had real-life Photoshop airbrush magic wand that can erase signs of ageing? A natural facelift massage is as close as it can get: it can help smooth out fine lines in one clean sweep and give you a healthier glow and flawless complexion.

When needles simply won’t do and a traditional facial can cause redness, blotching and reaction to the products used. A natural facelift massage will be the best non-invasive rejuvenating option you can have in one hour or less. Using simple yet effective massage techniques without the use of any oils or products, the natural facelift stimulates the production of collagen and elastin while gently ironing out fine lines and eliminating puffiness and dark circles.

There are some powerful reflexology points under the eyes which are related to digestion. Puffiness and dark circles under the eyes can be a sign of poor digestion or liver function. Massaging the area surrounding the eyes can have beneficial effects from a cosmetic and a health point of view.

During a facelift massage you can expect to experience deep relaxation and you may fall asleep. The movements are gentle, rhythmic yet powerful and some people reported feeling their muscles becoming tauter and more alive. The massage can help ease the tension in strained muscles especially on the forehead and bring a fresh supply of oxygen to the tissues, making them look healthier and more vibrant.

The natural facelift massage routine includes an opening sequence with some small circles around the main reflexology points in the face to stimulate both blood and lymphatic circulation, followed by some sweeping movements that mimic the “ironing” of wrinkles. The next phase consists of lifting the muscles using the fingertips using a “hook” technique, i.e. slightly twisting then lifting the skin. This is then followed by a stabilising and firming sequence and then a scalp and neck massage.

Looking back at your face in the mirror at the end of the treatment is a bit of a revelation: you rediscover how you are always supposed to look like when you are happy and relaxed. In a way, your true self emerges after the treatment. If Photoshop can make you look younger in pictures, then the natural facelift can help you look younger in the flesh.

The face has almost 100 muscles and when we are stressed, tired and lack sleep these muscles can tighten making us frown and therefore we tend to develop wrinkles. Ageing and gravity are also responsible for lack of tone particularly around the jaw and neck areas.

Working on the muscles of the face can be extremely effective when considering that cranial nerves radiate from the brain to the face including eyes, ears and throat but they also affect internal organs and glands. Anecdotal evidence suggests that sleeping patterns tend to improve when gently massaging the muscles in the face as the massage will have a direct effect on the central nervous system. Of all the cranial nerves the most interesting one is the vagus nerve which regulates the autonomous systems in the body (breathing, heartbeat, digestion).

All About Paola Bassanese
Paola Bassanese is an award-winning massage therapist and healthy eating advisor based at The Hale Clinic and was voted Best Practitioner of Complementary and Natural Medicine in London.

An ITEC qualified massage therapist and member of the British Register of Complementary Practitioners, Paola specialises in deep tissue/holistic massage, Natural Face Lift Massage, manual lymphatic drainage, healthy eating advice, massage in pregnancy, abdominal massage and slimming massage. Paola worked in Harley Street as part of an integrated team of specialists including physiotherapists, osteopaths and psychotherapists to support clients in their own path towards better health through a holistic approach.

A confident speaker and presenter, Paola has appeared on Sky Tv’s The Active Channel and has lectured at the London College of Beauty Therapy. Paola has written articles on wellbeing that appeared on Holistic World, Spirit And Destiny, Mayfair Times, EZine Articles, Wahanda, Spa and Pampering.

Paola uses various massage techniques to offer completely unique and tailored massage sessions to each client. She has regularly massaged runners at the Flora London Marathon over the years.

To book an appointment with Paola call The Hale Clinic on 020 7631 0156 or email

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About Hale Clinic

The Hale Clinic was founded by Teresa Hale whose aim is to combine and integrate the principles of conventional and complementary medicine, on the basis that no one system has the whole answer to every medical problem. The Hale Clinic was established in 1987 and officially opened by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales in 1988. There are over 80 practitioners based at The Hale Clinic in London. Several are medical physicians and many are multi-disciplinary. Of the complementary medical therapies practiced at the clinic, some are over 3,000 years old and others have developed in the last 50 years. Although they differ considerably in the way they treat illness, they all view the practice of complementary medicine as helping the individual organism achieve its natural harmony and balance, thereby making it much less susceptible to illness and disease.

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